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Backup job types

octoBackup knows two different backup job types.


SyncSMB uses the SMB (Server Message Block) protocol of the microsoft windows operation system.
This protocol is also used when you copy a file from one server to another by just using the windows explorer.

To use this type the remote server (that helds the files to backup) must have a share to access the backup files.
You may use the build in share of windows (e.g. c$, d$ etc.).

But there may be files that are not accessible because the backup user does not have sufficient rights.
(Yes, that also may happen to an administrator).
So octoBackup requests a special privilege from the operating system called “SeBackupPrivilege”.
This privilege gives octoBackup the possibility to copy files that are not accessible.
To do that octoBackup needs to run as a Administrator (or another user that is allowed to use the privilege).

SyncSMB copies all files that has been changed. Changed files are detected by checking the last write time and size.
When a file is copied the last write time is also set to the destination file.
That functionality makes SyncSMB a bit like the famous robocopy from microsoft.
But in comparison to robocopy, the SyncSMB type is better controllable because of the scheduler and the reporting of octoBackup.

You do not need to install the octoBackup Agent on the remote servers to use this job type.

This type was introduced in Version 0.2 and is the recommended backup type.


  • When a job starts the server requests a complete list of all files on the agent at the source folder
  • The server also makes a complete list of all files of the destination folder
  • The file lists of agent and server are compared and the server requests new or changed files from the agent
  • The server deletes not longer existing files and folders
  • At the end a complete mirrored folder is on the server

The SyncAgent backup type has several problems on larger folders (more that 1 million files).
Please use SyncSMB is possible. The SyncAgent backup type will be revised in a future version.

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