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octoBackup FAQ

Why do I receive errors when there are short file names in a folder?

Windows gives (at default) all files a short (and hidden) file name (for octobase_backup.doc maybe octob~12.doc). If you have a octobase_backup.doc and a octob~11.doc on one folder of your agent system, octoBackup may not be able to copy both files to the server. This is because windows will create a new short file name for files on the server that may corupt with short file names.

According to Microsoft short files names can not be deleted, only the creation can be disabled. So if you don't have any software on you backup server that needs 8.3 short filenames, simply turn off the creation before using octoBackup. If you have the problem after a backup, disable the creation, delete to folder with that files and wait for the next backup.


octoBackup creates a couple of log files. All files are located in the “system” subfolder of the server and the agent.

If you have problems with octoBackup set the log level of server and agent to “verbose” to get as much information detail as possible.

V0.2 Infos

I do use octoBackup to do a consolidated backup of about 20 file servers at 5 sites.

The biggest file server has reached 1.4 million files in 300,000 folders. So only the directory (names of files and folders) has reached a size of 500MB.

Because the agent backup takes a snapshot of the directory of the agent and the server, it takes a huge amount of memory on the server to compare the directories. At least octoBackup consumed to much memory and failed!

So I developed a new backup job called “syncSMBJob”. This job type uses the SMB protocol to do the synchronization and no agent installation is needed. It also does not need so much memory and may be more robust.

Try the new job type release in version 0.2 of octoBackup.

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