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Quickstart with octoBackup

Install Server

  • Start the installer at the backup server
  • Start the octoBackup Server from the start menu
  • Click 'Install'
  • Choose 'specific account'
  • Enter a username and password
    • Active directory environment: Use a domain administrator account (e.g. <Domain>\Administrator)
    • Peer network environment: Use a administrator account that is also present on the other computers (e.g. Administrator)
  • Click 'OK'
  • Click 'Start'

Add Backup job

  • Connect to server CLI (telnet localhost)
  • Add backup job
    add syncsmbjob <JobName> <SourcePath> <DestinationPath> <CronString>
    (Example for a backup at 8 am:)
    add syncsmbjob TestJob \\CoLoServer\d$\Data D:\Backups\CoLo001\Data 8;0;*;*;*;*;*

Remark: This quick start guide uses the SyncSMB-Job option of octoBackup.

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