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Config File Format Files

Part of Config File Format.

  • <Files>
  • <Files><FileGroup> (Sequence) Group of similar files
  • <Files><FileGroup><SourceFolder> Folder where the build process get the source files for this FileGroup. This parameter is only needed for the build config file and will not be included in the execute config file.
  • <Files><FileGroup><DestinationFolder> Folder where the files of this FileGroup will be installed to.
    • This path may be relative to installation path or an absolute path
    • Values included in asterisks are interpreded as enviroment variables (e.g. *ProgramFiles*)
  • <Files><FileGroup><File> (Sequence) One file
  • <Files><FileGroup><File><Name> Name of the file with extension
  • <Files><FileGroup><File><FileIndex> Index of the file in the installer. This option will be automatically written while the build process.
  • <Files><FileGroup><File><ShortCut> (Sequence) A short cut to the file
  • <Files><FileGroup><File><ShortCut><DisplayName> Displayed name of the short cut
  • <Files><FileGroup><File><ShortCut><Parameter> Start parameter
  • <Files><FileGroup><File><ShortCut><Type> Type of short cut
    • Values: StartMenu (default), Desktop
  • <Files><FileGroup><SimpleFile> One filename (optional with path reative to installation path)
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