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Config File Format Product

Part of Config File Format.

  • <Product><ProductName> Name of the product (mandantory option)
  • <Product><ProductID> ID of product for use in registry and path without special chars. If not set this will be created from ProductName.
  • <Product><ProductGUID> Guid of product. This is optional but recommended.
  • <Product><VersionNumber> Version number of the current version
  • <Product><CompanyName> Full name of company
  • <Product><CompanyID> ID of company for use in regitry and path without special chars. If not set only company name will be used.
  • <Product><CompanyWebLink> Link to company main page
  • <Product><WebLinks> Links shown on the start page of the installation dialog. The default dialog may only display a limited number depending on the lenght of the LinkTexts.
  • <Product><WebLinks><WebLink> (Sequence)
  • <Product><WebLinks><WebLink><LinkText> Text of web link
  • <Product><WebLinks><WebLink><Link> Link to web page
  • <Product><LicenseAgreement> Text of license agreement.
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