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octoInstall is an installation and update software for Microsoft Windows.

Installer features:

  • Rapid development of default installation
  • Easy XML configuration
  • Fully extendable with Microsoft .Net

Updater features:

  • Delta updates to save space and speed
  • Automatic creation of updates

octoInstall is available as an alpha version and is under GPL license. The project is hosted at

Development Resources

Needed rights

  • ocInstall needs administrator rights for install and update
    • Rights elevation will be requested by ocInstall if needed.
    • ToDo: If all other rights are given, the updater may not need administration rights
  • Installer, Uninstaller and Updater are writing to <Program Files>\Common Files\ocInstall
  • Installer, Uninstaller and Updater are writing to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\ocInstall
  • Installer, Uninstaller and Updater are writing to given installation path
  • ToDo: Installer and Uninstaller are writing to <Registry for Uninstaller>


  • Add custom InstallPages
  • Deinstallation
  • 32/64 bit stuff (e.g. install path)
  • Rights elevation
  • Auto create config by folder
  • Skip GUI pages on no need (Shortcuts, license)
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